Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A few updates:

The 4-song EXTORTION 12" is finished (label TBA)
"Street Cleaner" b/w "After Midnight" 7" is finished (Death Wound Intl, 2017)
"Black Leather And Stainless Steel" CS Repress is coming soon (Musica Originale)

New Music:

Available as a digital EP:

Buried In Ice

"Buried In Ice" - Three electronic dark ambient/drone dirges written for two live shows in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR during May 2015. The songs were written to be performed entirely live using an array of hardware analog and digital gear being run by the Roland MC-50 sequencer. These 3 tracks were recorded live direct to a Sony stereo cassette player from an Allen and Heath Zed 14 mixing board during extended jam sessions at Second Variety Studio. They are presented as they were recorded, warts and all, without any further processing. Since they were intended to be performed lived there is no reverb on any of the tracks as the venues they played in provided natural reverberation. The performance of these three songs was a one (or two)-off experience and there are no further plans to re-record the music.

The proceeds from the sale of this digital EP go towards funding the next Musica Originale release as well as upgrading Second Variety Studio.

Thanks for checking in, I'll have more updates soon.

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