Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arctic Update

I have been away many months. After my previous update I was called away on business and have been operating out of a research vessel located on the northeast end of Antarctica. Mr. Akers, our crew's captain, had received multiple reports of mysterious activity at the Artigas Base, a Uruguayan research outpost.  The disappearances of 2 of the maintenance crew and a helicopter co-pilot as well as the slaughter of 5 dogs had occurred during the summer months. I had been apart of a small expedition sent out to search for the bodies of the missing crew. While out on one short journey we returned to find all of the crew missing. Strangely, all of their belongings remained except for Akers's research journal. I have translated some of the entries to send your way for additional study.


Tour was fun, thanks everyone.


I still have copies of Black Leather And Stainless Steel and Unused Score... 7"


By the way -


I fear Milton and the others are dead.

06-03-14 Pt. 2

Did I mention A HISTORY OF ARSON is out? Check it here -

thank you Out Of Body Records!


Hey! My birthday!


I just finished the LACERATE 7" -

Also coming up is the BAYERN C34 on Musica Originale -


That was the entry in his journal. I have given this letter to a crewman on the Carnival Cruise Line Ship, QUIT'N'TIME. I must stay here and continue my research. I fear I may never leave these islands again.

With Love,

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