Thursday, February 27, 2014


Some shows have changed venues / bands.

3/14 Portland, OR - 411 Warehouse w/Moon Mirror, Virgin Blood, Anti-Glass
3/15 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge w/Memorysmoker, Bent Black, DL Salo, Biled Will
3/18 Oakland, CA - The Hive 1420 10th St
3/20 Los Angeles, CA - E. 7th Warehouse w/Perfect Pussy, Gestapo Khazi, Mynx
3/22 Boise, ID - Spacebar Arcade (Treefort Fest)
3/24 Spokane, WA - The Glitter Palace w/Bloody Gloves, Hard Time, Phlegm Fatale

I will have copies of "Tough To Kill" LP, "Elders Of New Detroit" CS, "A History Of Arson" CS, "Unused Score For 'La Puntura Velenosa Delle Notte'" 7", and the tour only "Black Leather and Stainless Steel" CD-R.

I covered Fabio Frizzi's wonderful theme to the Italo Action/Revenge film "Blastfighter" this will appear (along with a John Carpenter cover) on the Black Leather + Stainless Steel CD-R  -

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