Monday, May 21, 2012


After many hours/days/weeks/months locked in my room "Tough To Kill" is finished. In the process of writing the record I wrote a bunch of extra songs and some of them will appear on the "Deleted Scenes" bonus cassette that will come with early LP orders. Some songs I'll probably just keep for myself.

Shortly after finishing TTK, I recorded a few songs on my 4-track simply because I was sick of recording on a computer. Originally I wasn't planning on doing anything with them but after a few listens I decided to do another semi-private release ala "Beach At Night" + "Days Long Gone." So there will be 50 copies of "Mythical Abyss" out sometime in late June. Get in touch if you're interested in getting one.

ANCIENT SCROLLS - My collaboration with Eric Sanchez ( is finally out on Hurts To Hear Records ( We recorded this in September and October of 2011. 2 side-spanning tracks that sound like Edgar Froese scoring "Anthropophagus" or any other mean-spirited early 80's grindhouse flick. I have copies available if you see me in person. Eric uploaded a track to his soundcloud, this is side A "Cat's Eyes" -

"A History Of Arson" is being recorded right now, I have a few songs done and one in the early writing stages. Out Of Body Records ( will be releasing it whenever it's finished.

A couple of releases are coming after that including a re-release. More details when they get closer to fruition.

I want to play some west coast/mountain shows in the late summer. If you want me to play your town get in touch. Any other questions or if you just want to BS with me about music/movies/comic books/gear send 'em my way -

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